Nazi posters at Stellenbosch in South Africa. Photograph: via The South African

South Africa: Nazi inspired posters at Stellenbosch Uni cause public outcry

By Nic Andersen

Stellenbosch University has received it’s fair share of criticism over the years, it is known as the “white university” and has faced internal battles over their language policy.  In 2015 a mini documentary was uploaded to YouTube called “Luister”,  it detailed the use of racism and intimidation imposed on people of colour at the University.

Social media today has again been a buzz after one student uploaded pictures of posters advertising an event to “fight for Stellenbosch”, the slogan “The new RIGHT” could also be seen near the bottom of the poster.

There was also a “male version” of the poster. People immediately drew comparisons between the poster and old NAZI youth posters. With the power of the internet, people quickly got hold of the NAZI version and placed them side by side. The evidence was damming.

Even local musician The Kiffness called out the clear attempt to reuse parts of  Nazi imagery to advertise a right-wing event.

The comment section on Facebook was frantic as people attempted to identify the makers of the posters and organisers of the talk.

It is not yet clear if these posters are some sort of joke or intentionally designed this way.

Published by The South African

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